Cheap hotels in Rome: Rome hotels are cheaper in August

Even though the price for accommodation in Rome is 12 euros – at night, you will have to get along with 12 people in the same room. To be sure, it's easy to imagine that only one of these travelers will be able to call you or wake you up when you are completely drunk in the room at 5am. Based on my own experience, there are good reasons to believe that the lowest level hotels do not have a cup of tea for everyone. Often, you start researching a bed and breakfast hotel or a cheap hotel near the city centre to avoid noise and some privacy.

That being said, sometimes it will teach you how to find a vacant room of this price in Rome, and most importantly, a good, clean, fully serviced B&B or even a cheap hotel if you Start studying it early enough, there is definitely room for choice. There are numerous websites on the internet that list budget hotels, pensions, bed and breakfast hotels, apartments and hotels, but our suggested website has been looking for the best budget location for "Bella Rome". Since 2004.

Rome is a myth, story, history and place of Fellini. Rome is a beautiful city and you will have many wonderful times. Rome was not built in a day, but you can get an overview of the city in one go. Rome is indeed a beautiful city and worth a visit. Most importantly, if you wear the right shoes, you can walk around all the main attractions on foot. This is a huge advantage compared to big cities like Paris or New York, because the subway does not run as often. Rome has only two subway lines, A and B. why? Ok, we will tell you in one of the following articles. For now, it is closely related to all these monuments in the underground.

Rome is an epic epic that shows life about 2,000 years ago, and the interesting part is that you don't even need to enter the museum most of the time, because ancient monuments are scattered throughout the city. Rome is the capital of Italy and a political, economic, cultural and transportation center.

Rome may not be Naples, but the adjective non-Roman Italians reflexively think it is chaotic. As stated in many tourists and travel guides, Rome enjoys a very expensive reputation for accommodation. However, as a tourist destination, the city center has left a deep impression on visitors, so almost every year more tourists come here. Rome was built to attract tourists and to see their ancient past and ruins. But what is certain is that, apart from the monuments, Rome is definitely not just a forum for ruins.

Rome is usually sunny all year, but in the summer, July and August may become very hot. Usually, half of the city will be closed, because breathing can easily become painful in the hot city center. At the end of August and the end of July, when the hotel became so cheap again, all the Romans fled to the beach and guessed what was happening at the time. Therefore, if you are used to high temperatures, then the August transaction is very cheap. Rates can be reduced by 100%. So, for example, a room in a four-star hotel might cost only 70 euros instead of 125 euros. At that time, most hotel staff were more friendly and welcoming because you might only have half of the hotel lounge.

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