Asia's Best Luxury Hotel

Although the "long distance travel" function is higher than before, travel to Asia is still very valuable. Best from

Asian luxury hotel from

 Usually much cheaper than London or New York, and the service is always great. A variety of cheap dining and bargaining shopping from designer clothes to electronics can make the trip to the Far East not only enjoyable, but also economically meaningful.

There are just three cities here that can inspire your appetite for foreign travel, and in the next few years you will talk about three luxury hotels in Asia!

Dubai is about sunshine, beaches and shopping. It has superb luxury hotels and resorts, right on the beach, offering world-class facilities and ensuring a sunny year. Take a four-wheel drive buggy tour of the "real" Dubai or visit some of the city's cultural attractions. The huge Dubai Mall is the world's largest shopping and entertainment centre and a great place to relax in an air-conditioned store.

Dubai Luxury Hotel
For those who are known around the world, staying in one of the world's tallest hotels is not to be missed. The iconic Arabian Tower Hotel is now the third tallest hotel building in the world. This superb structure has been designed with a huge sail shape and has been included in the "Condé Nast" gold list. Although it is expensive, it is one of the best moments in life to have the opportunity to stay at this top luxury hotel in Dubai.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of the most popular destinations for travellers, combining Chinese taste with strong British influence. Cross the harbour of the Star Ferry and take the cable car to the Victoria Peak to enjoy the beauty of Kowloon. You can stroll through the night market, where famous counterfeit items come out on the street, cruise the port or compete.

Hong Kong Luxury Hotel
Located on the Kowloon Waterfront, the InterContinental Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Hong Kong with excellent waterfront views. It is only a few steps from the Star Ferry Terminal to the Premium Store. It uses the latest technology and is leading the majority of European hotels with its Insider Concierge and Global Connector services.

This compact city country has nowhere else in the world. It offers visitors many beachfront activities as well as large shopping venues on Orchard Road and colourful Chinatown. It is highly recommended that you visit the night safari to find out that the animals under the night are eating for food. Climb up the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve for a view and visit one of the beautiful orchid gardens, with a box of fresh cut flowers as a souvenir.

Singapore Luxury Hotel
In Singapore, the historic Raffles Hotel is considered one of the world's greatest luxury hotels. Even if you don't live here, you can have afternoon tea, but gentlemen will need to wear a jacket and tie. The gorgeous lobby, courtyard garden and beautifully appointed suites will impress.

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