Room with view

From Los Angeles to Atlantic City, I have been to the United States and live in a variety of hotels and motels. Make sure you always have an open view room.

The whole fascination began when I joined the army, I had to deal with the narrow dormitory, usually can't see anything. From that day on, I always ensure that as long as I stay in a place other than my home, I can see at least half of the decent things.

Now, this is a real fact, that is, you will get the fees you want to pay. So if you live in a hotel for only $40 a night – you can see Park Road or the brick house next to you. Now, if you live anywhere on the 22nd floor, you can take the NY W Hotel, where you can enjoy stunning views of downtown New York and the water features that separate New York from New Jersey! With such a perspective, it's hard to leave your hotel room! Instead, I usually just want to sit around my room and look down on the street below. See people walking around the busy streets of New York like little ants.

My favorite place is the best hotel I have ever stayed in in Cabo, Mexico. I have a Pacific view that you can't believe! Every angel on the window of my hotel showed amazing scenery. It was great to look at me when I got up – when I fell asleep, I was attracted by the sound of the ocean! This hotel is not cheap – but I have to say that it is worth every penny.

So the next time you decide to stay at a hotel or need to stay away from your home, make sure that the place you live can provide some fair information about your location – so you can bring everything in!

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