Dinton Hermit – a modern, historic Buckinghamshire hotel

Dinton Hermit Inn is located in the small Ford village dating back to the 16th century and is located on the ancient toll road from Aylesbury to Thame.

The name of this pub and hotel comes from local legends that were executed around King Charles I. Stay in the Dington Hall near his home. Mayn later served as a judge of the High Commission and tried King Charles, one of the people who signed the death penalty for the King.

Later, after trial and conviction at Old Bailey, Mayn died in the Tower of London in 1661, and his body was taken back to Dington for burial.

Mayn's clerk, a man named John Bigg, became a recluse in the years after the restoration and lived in a cave near the Dinton Hall. Therefore, he is known as the Dinton Hermit.

He was obviously fed by the locals and mended with leather and cloth to make new clothes, so that he eventually put hundreds of patches on his clothes. His boots are made of leather and are located in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. There are rumors that the other boots are still in the Dington Hall.

There are also rumors that Bigger is Charles's execution kidnapper – so hiding himself is a hermit. It is said that "…he left 3 bottles at his waist for the production of strong beer and small beer and milk…".

Bige died in 1696 at the age of 67.

The Dinton Hermit Inn is named after the story surrounding John Big. This is a protected building of historical importance. The famous barn is mainly &witchert' – the local construction method. To prevent moisture, prevent moisture from several layers of local stone, apply a layer of local clay containing limestone, a mixture of straw and water, and harden it before the next layer is built.

Most of Dinton’s villages and the nearby Ford hamlet are located in a nature reserve, very quiet and the bar offers expansive views of the vast countryside. From the garden you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the Chiltern Mountain.

The local church originated from the Saxons and was later demolished and rebuilt in 1140. Most of the existing churches are Normans, including the very beautiful South Gate. The last part is the tower, built around 1340.

In the various monuments in the church, in the brass plate, there is an inscription dedicated to Simon Mayne, who died in 1617 and left Dyton Hall [next to the wall] to his son of the same name. .

The history of the Dinton Hermit has continued to this day – a small road from the centre of Dinton Village to the Dington Hall is known as Biggs Lane and the nearby Littleton Hermitage Inn.

The Dinton Hall was recently completely refurbished by the current Tudor-style private owner, making it a few miles from the adjacent church.

Discover the hospitality of Dinton Hermit Inn for a lot of fun. First, the bedroom was recently refurbished [early 2009], providing facilities, design and comfort that are better than most major hotels, even if not better. When you combine it with small and friendly, it offers a high standard of hospitality.

Food is also a good find. When talking to the chef, I found that what happened was far more than the eyes. In the summer, they can be self-sufficient from the cucumbers, zucchini and many herbs in the bar garden, including basil, rosemary, thyme, dill, sage, verbena. The number of food miles you get is really much less than this.

They also planted many pepper and pepper plants that will become jams and jams.

Their tomatoes are very good. Later this year, the short pear trees look full, and the apple trees in the beer garden look promising, and they are planned to turn into crumbs, egg t, chutney. It may even turn into some fruit in the fruit bowl for breakfast.

The chef even made his own marinated onions and chutneys on his own pickles and cheese plates. The meat was also locally sourced from a free-range farm in nearby Wendover, and all eggs used were free-ranged from Hadenham, 3 miles away.

All in all, this is an unforgettable journey for a few days, so you can immerse yourself in some of the local history, enjoy a comfortable stay, delicious cuisine, and just a short trip to London.

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