The most famous hotel operator in the world hotel industry

Most travelers who live in hotels may not even give the hotel owner too much thought, let alone who they are. That's the way it is. Most hotel owners are unknown. Despite this, there are still many hotel operators who have successfully become the focus of attention, whether they are willing or not. Let us experience some of them.

Perhaps no hotel operator has enjoyed a reputation like Conrad Hilton because of what he did and what his great-granddaughter and hotel chain heirs did in Paris. Conrad Hilton started his childhood and established a hotel with his father. In the end, he was able to acquire a hotel in Texas. Growth led him to establish the first high-rise hotel in the United States – Hilton Dallas.

After establishing a hotel chain in Texas, Hilton was able to expand beyond the state and then move internationally. These hotels formed the Hilton Hotel Company and in the following years established Hilton International.

Although he lost some hotels during the Great Depression, he was able to buy back what he had lost, which proved the savvy of this particular hotel operator. Hilton's achievements are considered to be a boost to US tourism and overseas business expansion, especially in the post-war period of the 1950s.

For the contemporary audience, the most well-known hotel operator may be Donald Trump, who starred in his reality show, The Apprentice. This most well-known Mr. Trump has also started from a young age, but he already has a background that makes him suitable for the industry.

After graduating from college, Trump joined his father's Trump organization. He started some residential projects and took control of the renovation of The Commodore Hotel, transforming it into a Grand Hyatt hotel. He then worked at the Trump Tower in New York City and then expanded to several other businesses, such as the airline industry, the gaming industry [casinos] and the real estate industry.

Today, Trump has some of the best hotels in the world. A typical example is the 44-story Trump International Hotel Building in New York. He also has other famous hotel places at home and abroad. In addition, his name has also been licensed by Trump World of South Korea – just to get a reward can be named after him, which is a good indication of his reputation.

For the last hotel operator on the list, we turned to the founder of some of the world's most famous hotels: Cesar Ritz. He founded the Ritz Hotel in Paris and the Ritz Hotel in London.

In the current seemingly universal theme, Ritz also started small. His hotel career began at the maitre d' hotel in a hotel, followed by the manager of a hotel in Lucerne and Monaco. He has earned a reputation for his good taste and his ability to attract wealthy customers.

Before being invited to manage the Savoy Hotel, he opened a restaurant and was therefore a great success. After being dismissed from Savoy by suspected involvement in a wine defeat, he was able to open a Ritz hotel in France in 1898 and opened the Ritz Hotel in the UK in 1906.

Just to measure the popularity of the hotel operator, we only need to consider the word ritzy, the word stems from his name and his hotel name, which of course is related to luxury and luxury.

These three gentlemen are the most recognized figures in the past and present hotel industry. They have made great progress in the entire industry, and with the successful development of the global hotel industry, their heritage continues.

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