Hotel needs to adapt to the next generation of guests

For many years, the Baby Boomers have dominated and dominated the way the hotel behaves and markets. But now, as more and more Generation Y and Generation X travel, hotels will need to be more sensitive to their needs and travel habits. With the rise of social media as a major marketing platform, hotels will need to refocus their energy on this exciting new media that is determined by youth, advancement, future and future development. thinking.

For hoteliers, it will not be easy to address this shift in prospects. It represents radical, even some crazy ideas and requirements. For example, in the past, the hotel has been providing lighting to its guests. There is even a major hotel chain that uses the concept as a slogan. But this is not always what the younger generation wants: in a greener, more environmentally conscious environment, these young travelers actually prefer you to darken it. These young girls would rather waste all these kilowatts every night, prefer to be dark, save the planet and turn on the lights themselves. This fact is only a small part of the larger shift that global hoteliers face. Not only change the way they do business, but also change the business model they want to launch.

There are many other issues and changes that will make young travelers redefine the experience of luxury hotels. Obviously, technology is at the forefront. Not only cutting-edge technology, but also cutting-edge technology. Book, watch a virtual trip, not only find the room rate [and discount] from the boarding house but also from the competitors, check the room layout, check in and check out from the handheld electronic device.

If that's not enough, all of these techniques need to happen before the guests enter the hotel. Once the boots are carpeted, you'd better greet them with wireless [free and high speed] internet, full-service business/fax center, electronic key [can be deleted by yourself], flat screen TV, satellite TV. , Tivo, mobile DVD player, iPad, iPod music center and electronic automatic closing curtains. Of course, make sure that all of these technologies are always off when you don't use the technology! Continue with the green theme, making sure not to change beds, towels and sheets at will, and make sure all laundry or dry cleaning services are as green as possible.

From a design point of view, the hotel is becoming more and more stylish and furnished. The modern design style of the next century dominates. If your hotel does not seem to belong to the 21st century, then you will not be able to book the 21st century. More and more young travelers and young travelers who are led by social media will transform your hotel. From design and technology to booking methods and marketing, the next generation will find the future of the hotel.

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