Awesome America – a boutique hotel in the United States

The United States is never afraid to do things on a large scale, and hotels are no exception. The United States has some of the most magnificent and elegant boutique hotels in the world.

Indulge in all-American road trips, from state to state, to test the soft beds and stylish restaurants of these top boutique hotels.

Burnham Hotel, Chicago

Since becoming a gangster's paradise, “Gale City” has always been the hub of contemporary culture and decadence. The luxurious Burnham Hotel reflects the perfect atmosphere of Chicago. Located in one of New York City’s most famous landmarks, this boutique hotel is located on the 105-year-old Reliance Building on State Street, offering everything from intimate personal service to rich fabrics and spectacular bay windows. A magnificent view to the city.

Kallistiga Ranch [Napa, California]

The Californian countryside has long been a playground for the rich and famous, bringing peace, tranquility and some truly outstanding vineyards. The Calistoga Ranch is hidden in the West Coast Forest in the heart of Napa Valley. This casual boutique holiday home combines the charm of California with luxurious amenities; hope to enjoy hearty country cuisine in the restaurant with world-class wines. However, the real highlight is the fabulous outdoor natural hot spring baths.

Palm Springs Governor

The Palm Springs Governors Hotel is another notorious attraction in California that brings urban charm to the desert. The Palm Springs holiday is not only for relaxation, but also a member of the Hollywood royal family. Away from the main passage of Palm Springs, the Governor added peace and quiet to the movie star glitz. Welcome to the smiling staff and understated luxury – an oasis of popularity in the hot desert.

New York Soho Building

The metropolis is more iconic than New York – the city's hotel star is undoubtedly Soho House. The exclusivity here is as eccentric as New York itself – I hope that the downstairs member club will ban some strange hospitality in the minibar and mobile phone, so you won't bother many celebrities there.

Maison de Ville, New Orleans

Although the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina made its fascination a bit bleak, the vibrant city of New Orleans stood up again and was again influenced by jazz. This is the most luxurious hotel in the French Quarter, and this famous townhouse hotel was once favored by Elizabeth Taylor. The bistro restaurant is a special attraction; chef Greg Picolo cooks a new creole-style cuisine that is famous for the city.

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