New York City-Economy Accommodation Guide-Bed and Breakfast

In my experience, bed and breakfast is one of the best ways to experience a new place. In many cases, room rates may be quite reasonable, despite the increasing number of high-end luxury B & Bs and inns, many of whom may even charge hundreds of dollars per night. At some budget-friendly B & Bs, you get a simple but usually comfortable room with unique decor. Shared bathrooms sometimes reduce prices, so if maximum privacy is important to you, check if your B & B accommodation offers a private bathroom.

B & B stands for "Bed and Breakfast" and now obviously we have discussed the "Bed" part of the equation. As for the "Breakfast" section, there is a range of options available. Some B & Bs will provide full breakfasts, and some even offer homemade ingredients, jams, marmalades or a variety of gourmet breakfasts. Others may only offer a simple continental breakfast. In larger cities, B & Bs may not even provide breakfast at all, so if a good morning is important to you, make sure to check if the accommodation you need actually includes breakfast.

Another advantage of B & B is that these places are usually private or couples, and they like to host people from all over the world. Often, the host ends up being fun to become your local local travel expert in the area. In any case, prepare a rather personal experience, as the host will usually share a room with the guest. Hotels are usually larger and have the atmosphere of a small historic hotel, so the atmosphere there will be less personal.

The following is a list of websites that specialize in bed and breakfast accommodation in New York City:

The hostel offers bed and breakfast for between $ 80 and $ 130. Unmanaged bed and breakfasts cost between $ 130 and $ 300.

At the time of writing, the site offers single rooms for $ 75 and up, while most double rooms cost between $ 125 and $ 175 [or more].

The website specializes in apartment rental and offers a variety of different types of apartments. As of March 2005, their rates are as follows:

Studio: $ 85 to $ 165

One bedroom: $ 135 to $ 225

Two bedrooms: $ 200 to $ 375

Special Apartments: $ 250 to $ 500

This site offers a lot of accommodation for breakfast under US $ 100 per night, and their list is divided into Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. I picked a smaller property, although you will find more properties with prices above $ 100. offers multiple accommodations in New York City starting at $ 40.

Here is my bed and breakfast list for less than $ 100 per night:

Night in Manhattan, New York, $ 60- $ 125

1291 Bed & Breakfast Accommodations Manhattan, NY, $ 40- $ 150

Chelsea Hotel-Manhattan, New York, $ 95- $ 110

Bed and Breakfast in Manhattan, New York City, $ 95- $ 225

Soho Loft's Room-Manhattan, New York, $ 90- $ 110

Monte Morris Bed and Breakfast-Manhattan, New York

Efuru Guest House-Manhattan, New York, $ 60- $ 125

East Village Room-Manhattan, New York, $ 80- $ 100

Harlem Townhouse-Manhattan, New York, $ 75-100

Regina's New York Bed and Breakfast in Brooklyn, New York, $ 75- $ 150

Honey House, Brooklyn, New York, $ 75- $ 150

Bibi Gardens-Brooklyn, NY, $ 65- $ 125

Angelique B & B-Brooklyn, New York, $ 75- $ 150

Eve Bed and Breakfast-Brooklyn, New York, $ 70- $ 125

Astoria B & B-Queens, NY, $ 50- $ 70

The Harbour House-Staten Island, NY, $ 59- $ 150

Victoria Manor Hotel-Staten Island, New York, $ 75- $ 120

Staten Island Victorian Bed and Breakfast-Staten Island, New York, $ 75- $ 105

Victorian House-Staten Island, New York: $ 79- $ 98

Hartshorne House-Staten Island, NY, $ 55- $ 95

Other bed and breakfast catalog sites you might want to check out include:


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