Modestly built hotel

Black windy night for a month. An older couple walks into a small hotel in Philadelphia. The older gentleman said, "Can you stay overnight?"

The young friendly, smiling clerk looked at the couple and explained, "There are three meetings in town. Sorry, but all our rooms are occupied. It's 1 AM and the weather outside is terrible. I There is no way to send a good companion like you among these elements, would you like to sleep in my room? It's not exactly a suite, but it's enough for your people to adapt to the evening. "

First, the couple refused to answer: Young man, if you give us the room, where are you going to sleep? "

"Oh, I'm young and healthy and can sleep in the reception area. I'll be fine."

The older couple accepted the offer of the young clerk and "overnight in his private room."

The older [well-rested] gentleman offered a reward to the young staff before leaving the hotel to show his gratitude.

"Please don't embarrass me by asking for money for my room. I didn't expect any monetary compensation for your room. I just want to help you."

The older gentleman was really moved by the sympathy of the young man, saying: Today it is difficult to find someone who is both friendly and helpful. You are the kind of manager who should be the best hotel owner in the United States. Maybe one day I will make one for you. "

The young clerk looked at the couple and smiled. When the older couple left by car, they agreed that the helpful clerk was excellent.

The young man was promoted to hotel manager but remained in touch with the couple. Two years later, he opened the mail, found a train ticket to New York, and invited himself and his guests to the grand inaugural feature.

The young hotel manager went to New York and was welcomed by the landlord, an old gentleman who had helped two years ago. His master took him to the corner of Fifth and 34th Streets, pointing to a beautiful new palace-style building, built of redstone, 16 stories high.

"that," The old gentleman William Walldorf Astor said, "It's the hotel I manage for you."

"You must be kidding." The shocked innkeeper replied.

"I assure you I'm not."

Former young clerk George C. Boldt accepted the offer and became the manager of Waldorf-Astoria.

Waldorf Astoria It is the first luxury hotel to provide electricity, private bathroom facilities and services. If you have been lucky enough to stay at the Waldorf Astoria, you will realize that the Waldorf Astoria symbolizes Elegance and elegance . It's more than just a room. This is an experience.

George Boldt is compassionate, friendly and unselfish. His level of play exceeds what is required, and the gains have already made a difference in the world for those who have the opportunity to help.

The gold standard for hotel customer experience:

George Boldt is committed to setting the gold standard of hospitality at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. He imparted legendary humility and grace to nearly 1,000 employees, inspiring them to follow his example. Boldt has established a blueprint for today's growing luxury hotel industry.


1] Through his leadership example, he modeled and trained employees to make them helpful, kind, and compassionate to create extraordinary customer experiences. "Customers are always right!"]

2] He introduced room service

3] His senior staff inspects the lobby 24/7 to keep the area tidy and attract guests.

4] He insisted that all guests must put flowers and a daily newspaper in their room.

5] In the restaurant of the Waldorf Astoria, the food is delicious and impeccable.

George C. Boldt is committed to making Waldorf so comfortable that guests will never go anywhere else.

For more than a century, the Waldorf Astoria has symbolized elegance and elegance. He served as manager for 23 years until his death in 1916.

He also ensured that his legacy far exceeded the time he spent at Waldorf. George C Boldt sympathized with an eager student whose only obstacle was a lack of funding. George C. Boldt helped at least 75 young people go to college in his lifetime.

George C Boldt "also assists business people who are experiencing financial difficulties and tells hotel staff if their financial problems, his door is always open to them."

He has also donated to "American Red Cross Cornell University", many local hospitals, and established a library in Alexandria Bay, New York. "

"No one will be poor because of charity," said Anne Frank.

Zig Ziglar: "When you encourage others, you are encouraged in the process because you are making commitments and changes in one's life. Encouragement does make a difference."

What steps can you take to increase customer loyalty in your business?

What will your legacy be? Who will you help?

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