New York City's favorite bars and restaurants

Manhattan attracts fashion and attracts many areas of the industry, designers, artists, fabric merchants and agents. The most important part is the most striking one: the timeless fashion model. In residential areas, city centers, and entire towns, you'll find those awkward, young men and women with shapeable gaze and "unprecedented, extraordinary" looks. Towering young beauty from the heart of the United States.

While in New York, watching the crowd is part of a trip to bars, clubs, restaurants and the trendy "speakeasy" movement. For celebrities seeking high che bones and celebrities seeking the same service, here are our selections of the best New York fashion models bars we found before, during and after Manhattan Fashion Week.

New York Red Egg

Red Egg is a modern masterpiece of a traditional Chinese teahouse. At the intersection of Chinatown, Nolita and Soho promote the diversity of hip joints and attract beautiful people. Getting in and out of some attractions in Chinatown has become hot for young hips, so considering its location, it's no surprise that the model flocked to the red egg. Red Egg started dancing nights during Fashion Week, attracting many models, designers and editors. On Fridays and Saturdays, DJs perform a variety of music from 90s R & B to British punk. Red Egg, 202 Center Street, New York, 10013-3613

New York London Bar

London New York City is a stylish hotel in the heart of New York. The bar is awesome, and Manhattan's elite [including models during fashion week] are all over it. In the award-winning two-star Michelin restaurant, Chef Markus Glocker has served you a few drinks and wanted food, providing a dining experience in London and New York City. Also very intimate. Designer David Collins offers just 45 seats, creating the perfect privacy for any special occasion or occasion. Earn two Michelin stars in a row. 151 W. 54th St. New York City, NY

Imperial Hotel Rooftop Bar

What better way to look at Manhattan from the high habitat surrounded by beautiful people? To celebrate Fashion Week, the Empire Hotel rooftop bar is located on the 12th floor and offers stunning views of Lincoln Center and Broadway and Columbus Avenue. Sample the "Do n & # 39; t Feed The Models" martini unique to the Empire. A deliciously diluted martini made with organic cucumber vodka, cucumber juice, lime juice, simple syrup and mint. The Imperial Hotel even partnered with Moises de la Renta [the son of Oscar de la Renta] to create the hotel's "Fashion Week Ambassador. Customized clothing design for the Imperial Hotel. The Imperial Hotel, 44 63rd Street, New York, NY


The dimly lit East Village Shelter is too "now" to own a website [this is also the first rule of modern speaking], but booking would be wise. Elsa was where the models appeared, as were the hangers. Elsa 217 East 3rd Street New York, NY 10009

Under the hut

It's easy to find [under a pizzeria] near 7th Avenue and A Avenue, and it's definitely fun and packed with people, The Cabin Down Under rewards all the effort. Great for drinking and watching celebrities. Cottages Below 132 East 7th Street, New York City, 10009

Standard Hotel: The Boom Boom Room, living room and Biergarten

The standard addresses the celebrity entertainment market. Here you will have a wonderful time trio, people will like the popular Boom Boom Room, The Living Room, and appreciate the customs of Bavaria, which is Biergarten.

Boom room Sitting on the top floor of the hotel, you can enjoy the beauty of rich, comfortable leather, hot tub action, expensive drinks and meat packaging. The middle class was once favored by celebrities and models and may be difficult to enter. Once enjoying the beauty, the middle class may enter. The lobby of the New York Hotel is next to The Standard, living room, A cozy and comfortable lounge overlooking the Grand Place and on most nights small Mediterranean dishes, wine and cocktails, and a slightly beating dj spin. Not enough to drink? If you can't get into the popular Boom Boom, you can always try Standard Beer garden . Hofbrau, below the high line, has flowing beer glasses, girls in leather pants, and classic German menus including sausages, sausages, and mixed sausages.

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