What if the bugs come on vacation?

Hollywood doesn't need thrillers to scare holiday crowds. Bed bugs have panicked America! The common bug Cimex lectularius hysterically in the country has created an atmosphere of paranoia, which is affecting the usual festive atmosphere of the upcoming holidays. Worried guests on vacation may bring these pests home, which strains the hospitality of many usually […]

Hotel flash sale: good and bad

Five star hotel, one star price. Free nights. Great, can't be a real hotel deal. Due to the economic downturn, hoteliers are eager to reduce unused inventory, so Flash retail sites have risen rapidly around the world. Consumers are already making money on these fast-selling sites that sell hotel inventory at very low discounts. Websites […]

New York City's favorite bars and restaurants

Manhattan attracts fashion and attracts many areas of the industry, designers, artists, fabric merchants and agents. The most important part is the most striking one: the timeless fashion model. In residential areas, city centers, and entire towns, you'll find those awkward, young men and women with shapeable gaze and "unprecedented, extraordinary" looks. Towering young beauty […]

Modestly built hotel

Black windy night for a month. An older couple walks into a small hotel in Philadelphia. The older gentleman said, "Can you stay overnight?" The young friendly, smiling clerk looked at the couple and explained, "There are three meetings in town. Sorry, but all our rooms are occupied. It's 1 AM and the weather outside […]

Top 10 best hotels in the world

For any luxury connoisseur, this five star hotel is an important part of their vacation. No matter where you are, you can stay in a hotel that redefines affluence and creates the ultimate environment of relaxation and pampering. In this article, I will introduce what travellers often describe as the ultimate collection of hotels in […]

Mystery Hotel-How to Cheat and Bargain

We spent some time looking at the "mystery hotel" range at lastminute.com and the new mystery offer at wotif.com. In some cases, LastMinute's description of a mysterious hotel makes it easy to find the actual hotel. Wotif's mystery hotels are hard to understand, but there are clues, for example, they might sell "Comfort" and "Grand […]

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