Everything you want to know about boutique hotels

The lodging industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. It has been around since people started traveling from place to place for trade and other purposes. Beginning with the demand for hours [rest and shelter on long trips], it quickly became an industry that provides comfort, convenience, and even luxury to boarders. The Greeks, for example, built hot water baths to allow guests to rest and recover. The Romans built magnificent mansions for travelers, and caravans along the Silk Road from Turkey to China provided shelter not only for humans, but also for their beasts.

In the 21st century, the hotel industry has developed into a booming industry and has become an integral part of the tourism industry. Various styles, from gorgeous properties to quasi-bone youth hostels, to all-encompassing honeymoon resorts, to quaint country hotels.

However, as competition intensifies and hotels begin to provide standard services throughout the chain, there is something innovative in the market. Tired of impersonal service, people are turning to small hotels that offer personalized service and unique experiences.

Therefore, the darling of the hotel industry-boutique hotels. Today, they are the most sought-after accommodation option for leisure travelers and are the exclusive ultimate names. More and more people choose to stay in boutique hotels, because it is almost always guaranteed that they have a good time and value for money.

Given their popularity, it's worth a glimpse into the fascinating history of boutique hotels and tracking their evolution over time.

History of boutique hotels

The earliest boutique hotels appeared in the early 1980s, the first two of which were The Blakes Hotel in South Kensington, London, and Bedford in Union Square, San Francisco. However, the term "boutique hotel" appeared later in 1984 and was coined by Steve Rubell. He compared his company, Morgans Hotel, to a small boutique store, apparently wishing to emphasize its uniqueness and distinguish it from other hotels scattered all over the place, just like a large department store.

This is not to say that boutique hotels are a modern invention. There are many similar records of accommodation experiences dating back to the 13th century, when staging stations were set up for Mongolian and Chinese travelers.

Here are some examples of once-popular boutique hotels:

  • In 1705, César Ritz opened a boutique hotel in Place Vendôme, winning high praise from King Edward VII. "The King of Hoteliers and the King of Hoteliers".

  • In 1822, the Venetian artist Giuseppe Rubino transformed the old palace into a magnificent hotel and named it "Ir Rubino".

  • In 1880, the Sagamore Hotel in Lake George, New York became the first hotel to provide electricity in each of its rooms, attracting many visitors during that time.

  • In 1900, known as the "Palace Architect", Edouard Niiermans transformed the summer villa of Emperor Napoleon III-"Villa Eugenie" into a beautiful and niche hotel.

  • In 1919, a stylish hotel was set up in Barcelona with hot and cold bathrooms.

As you can see, there have been countless opportunities throughout the history of the lodging industry for hoteliers to use creativity and provide first-class services to stay ahead and provide extraordinary experiences for tourists.

21st Century Boutique Hotel-Unique Features

Today, the term "boutique hotel" is used to describe small places with about 150 rooms. They are privately owned or part of a small group of hotels and are known for their iconic, memorable and sometimes quirky design themes. After hotelier Ian Schrager and French designer Philippe Starck used unique designs to build the hotel, the concept of boutique hotels became a trend. Today it has become a thriving industry with its own unique characteristics and qualities.

Here are some more important ones.

Size matters

Boutique hotels are often considered small hotels but not in the same category as bed and breakfast hotels or homestays with less than 10 rooms. The boutique hotel offers up to 150 rooms, and it does appear smaller compared to most hotel chains.

But it is this intimate scale that helps create a family atmosphere with peace and privacy. These comfortable residences usually have a common "living space" where guests can sit and interact with each other.

Individual speaking volume

Since boutique hotels are independently owned and not affiliated with any large chain store, they are a brand in themselves. They have a unique resonance with them that sets them apart. It is their unique personality and lack of uniform solutions that make guests feel refreshed, which has attracted more and more people to boutique hotels.

Designed by Desire

Boutique hotels are known for their fascinating interiors, which are often created by leading designers and architects. In general, these niche hotels tend to maintain a high-end appearance, combining historic elegance with chic details. The decoration conveys a progressive style, and the overall design ranges from contemporary and quaint to home and art. Each room is individually decorated and comes with premium amenities and premium linens.

Endless charm

You know the way you walk into a big hotel, but nothing really spectacular or interesting happens? Boutique hotels will have nothing, and the first thing that catches your attention is their quirky personality. They are fashionable, trendy and alternative. For example, if you don't have your own pet, the Monaco Hotel in Washington DC will bring a bowl of goldfish to your room.

Lovely location

Although there are no hard and fast rules about where boutique hotels should be located, it is no coincidence that the best one has the right location. When designing boutique hotels, most hoteliers choose the trendiest and most happening places to place them. You might even find them in high-end communities, away from the hustle and bustle, but still close to the city's attractions and places of interest. Another popular option for boutique hotels is in areas that are far from the city, surrounded by nature and lush greenery.

First-class service

One of the most distinctive features of boutique hotels is the highly personalized and exclusive service provided to guests. The staff is courteous and friendly and may know your name from day one. The hotel offers tailor-made luxury facilities such as an extensive pillow menu, custom toiletries and a variety of leisure spa services. The extensive dining menu is also one of the characteristics of the boutique hotel. All these services combine to create a first-class experience for guests.

Food selection

Another feature that sets boutique hotels apart from other hotels is their focus on creating stylish and trendy extraordinary restaurants and bars. These hotels have earned themselves a high reputation, independent of traditional star ratings. Because of their appeal, they can attract not only local people, but also global people.

As you can see, boutique hotels are rapidly gaining popularity among travelers for a number of reasons, and their demands for accommodation options go beyond comfort and convenience. They want to be surprised, they want to experience something new, which is completely different from what ordinary hotels have to offer. In fact, these days, if you don't live in a boutique hotel, it will be considered out of date.

I'm not trying to suggest that the hotel is boring or uninspiring. There are excellent hotels all over the world to provide guests with world-class services. However, boutique hotels have broken the traditional tradition and refused to box according to conventional standards. Providing visitors with style, uniqueness, intimacy and warmth, they leave guests with an experience they will always cherish. Isn't this the first thing the hotel does?

Serviced apartment-is it better than a hotel?

For many frequent travelers, going out often means leaving a lot of home comfort. Whether it's your own cooking choices, the flexibility to welcome visitors, or just the comfort of having ample space, many hotels seem to be unable to provide small items that make you feel at home.

However, traveling out of town-whether on business or leisure-doesn't mean you have to trade with all the comforts you like. In fact, there are various ways to enjoy all these comforts even if you are far from home-one of them is to live in a serviced apartment on the go.

First, serviced apartments are often equipped with a range of features and facilities to give you the most comfortable experience on the go while traveling. Some common features include a fully equipped kitchen, lounge or living room. You can choose to cook in the apartment or you can accommodate more guests. Being able to cook in & # 39; means guests can avoid often expensive room service and dining out, and the extra space means serviced apartments are perfect for sharers and those traveling alone.

In addition, serviced apartments are charged per apartment, not per person, so groups can save on accommodation. Some serviced apartments offer comprehensive gyms and fitness facilities, swimming pools and communal gardens, while many developments also provide secretarial services for business guests and a business center with high-speed broadband internet.

In short, this type of apartment is an ideal alternative to hotel accommodation in terms of added space, privacy and flexibility. Guests enjoy the benefits of having separate facilities as well as additional facilities and services. And, from New York and Tokyo to Mumbai and Glasgow, countless cities in the world can provide serviced apartments for guests.

So now you can find modern, fully serviced apartments in the heart of your chosen city. For example, if you are planning to travel to Glasgow, you can find serviced apartments in the city centre in Glasgow-all in the city's business districts, public transport stops, shops, bars and restaurants.

Therefore, with these accommodation options, you can enjoy comfortable and convenient accommodation in the city of your choice; whether you are in business or exploring the city in a laid-back resort.

Las Vegas Versatile Casino Hotel

Hotels in Las Vegas enjoy cult status around the world. They are known for their outstanding appeal, welcoming staff and hospitality. However, this does not mean that all hotels in Las Vegas deserve to be boasted. In fact, the appeal of Las Vegas lies in the type of these hotels. Each hotel offers a novel experience. Each hotel has a unique USP, and each hotel has its own characteristics.

Here is a list of some hotels in Las Vegas and describes their versatility −

  • MGM-This awesome hotel offers the largest casino in Vegas and is definitely a place to attract a lot of people.
  • Venetian-The casino here is one of the most elegant casinos in the world. The hotel also claims to offer the largest suites and rooms in Las Vegas. Although the hotel offers you a great deal of attraction, the hotel not only offers guests excellent fitness facilities and a shopping mall, it also gives you the opportunity to ride a gondola.
  • Wynn Hotel-Poolside Casino will die here. Golf courses, Ferrari stores, designer showrooms and all other such jewellery make this hotel one of the most expensive projects in Las Vegas. Must see for those who must go to Las Vegas
  • Bellagio-The big stove poker room is not to be missed. With new games such as Paj Gow Fire Hook, Pai Gow Tiles, 3 Card Poker and Big 6 added to Treasure Island, it was a victory. The lovely spa and bookstore here make this hotel worth a visit.
  • Mandalay Resort-The four seasons here are definitely not to be missed. The coral reef lounge at this hotel is incredibly beautiful and the casino here is very stylish and charming.
  • Planet Hollywood-In addition to the large theater and rooftop pool this hotel offers, the casinos here are also cheaper than other casinos.
  • Paris Hotel-The sky ceiling here is undoubtedly very attractive, but the Le Club music sofa in the casino adds a lovely feel to the gambling here.
  • Excalibur-This hotel is ideal for people with a limited budget. The room rates there are very economical and the best part is the separate children's floor provided by the hotel.
  • El-& # 39; ksur- This unique pyramid-shaped hotel is definitely not to be missed. The casino here is very attractive and the Egyptian motifs add charm to the hotel.
  • Creaser & # 39; s Castle-This hotel is almost iconic in Las Vegas, and the Roman costumes and haloes offered here are very interesting.
  • Mirage-This hotel's green forest design is awesome and be sure to visit the pool area with plants and aquarium.
  • New York New House-This hotel reflects the city of Gotham, adjacent to the Manhattan skyline, Empire State Building, Autonomous Statue, Chrysler Building, Library and Brooklyn Bridge, all of which can be found here.
  • Flamingo-The hotel offers the best bird sanctuary in the area, so a must-see.

There are several other hotels in Las Vegas, and each has its own appeal to guests. So no matter how many times you visit Vegas, it will always give you something new.

American Hotel – Splendor Unlimited

The United States is known for its “land of opportunity”, especially during travel, as evidenced by this statement. The area has many tourist attractions and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world.

There are 50 states that match the size and population of each country in Europe. Many large towns in the United States have a wonderful combination of farmland, forests, deserts and mountains. From the tropics to the Arctic, the global climate has four different seasons. The United States is the third largest populous country in the world. Obviously, among so many highly developed tourist destinations, the United States has left its mark on hospitality, unparalleled convenience, diverse populations and diverse lifestyles. American hotels are always impressed with your location in the United States. They provide first-class facilities for tourists at an affordable price.

Every corner of the United States has many destinations worth visiting, such as New York on the East Coast. New York is known for its unique cultural melting pot and is known for its skyline. Boston is known as the "Bean City." Philadelphia is an important political and cultural center of the American Revolution. In the capital, Washington, DC, you will find many museums. Atlanta is also one of the fastest growing cities in the past few years, especially since the 1996 Olympics. Another international destination is Miami, which is known for its Latin culture, exciting nightlife and stunning beaches. As for accommodation, you can choose from a variety of options, from cheap to the most expensive American hotels across the United States.

Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere from Washington State to the west coast of California. Los Angeles is considered a miniature universe. In Los Angeles, you get everything from tattered to rich. You can visit the county of Orange in the south and enjoy the surfing city of Huntington Beach. You can also choose to travel to Laguna Beach, California, where you can admire famous art scenes. Los Angeles is also famous for Hollywood.

How to search for the best hotels in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the cultural capital of Thailand and is known for its festivals and the mountainous terrain. Some of the best hotels in Chiang Mai are situated in beautiful scenery. The site was also nominated by Lonely Planet, New York [USA], Valencia [Spain] and Wellington [New Zealand] as one of the world's best cities to visit in 2011.

Tips for finding the best Chiang Mai hotel

Staying at one of the best hotels in Chiang Mai, you can enjoy a variety of activities, including elephant trekking in the jungle, visiting ethnic minority tribes and enjoying the pulsating nightlife. Despite the tranquility of Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai revived its life during the Songkran Festival in April. During this season, visitors must book the room in advance to avoid disappointment at the last minute.

To find a Chiang Mai hotel at a competitive price, you can search on the famous travel agency website. These sites offer a wide range of options in terms of quantity, service, amenities, price, location and packages. Here are some more tips on finding the best hotels in Chiang Mai:

* If you plan to stay for more than three days, please request a special discount. Many hotels offer discounts such as breakfast for two, Wi-Fi, free island tours, free airport/hotel transfers, free use of bicycles and flexible check-in and check-out times.

* Check if they are well connected to tourist attractions. If you are at the hotel most of the day, look for a beautiful environment. For example, depending on your taste, look for people who are located in lush tropical forests or overlooking the mountains or terraces of the Saki Mountains.

* Ask if the room is luxurious and well equipped, for example, refrigerator, satellite TV, instant room service, clean bathroom, comfortable bed and air conditioning.

*Additional discounts apply for bookings made in double or double rooms. Online bookings also attract more discounts than phone bookings.

In order to get a better room location, you can consider scheduling your trip in the middle of the week. As the weekend attracts a large number of holiday people, hotel prices are rising and you may not be able to get the ideal room.

Investing in New York City hotel apartments at the Lombard Hotel

Wealthy and promising real estate investors must invest in Manhattan real estate. Manhattan's real estate has maintained its value as more foreign investment was brought in 2012, favorable interest rates and inventories fell. A recent industry analysis found that Manhattan's residential real estate investment outperformed similar major cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Although foreign investment in Manhattan real estate has increased this year, accounting for nearly 9% of all sales, Americans are also investing in Manhattan. This year, Americans will purchase 7 of 12 real estate investments.

Given this real estate market, who will give up the opportunity to invest in real estate, is real estate not only safe, but also part of Manhattan's history? This idea undoubtedly inspired unit buyers at the Lombardy Hotel at 11 East 56th Street in New York City. The Lombardy Hotel's privileged city centre location is just a short walk from famous Manhattan landmarks such as Central Park, the Theater District and designer boutiques on Fifth Avenue. Most of the hotel’s suites are individually owned and rented out to visitors. The Lombardy Grand Hotel has only 162 rooms and suites, spread over 22 floors, spacious and decade waste. Investors or individuals seeking a Manhattan alley are optimistic about the Lombardy Hotel. The turndown service twice a day reflects a carefree life.

The Lombardy Hotel reflects the classic old world charm and luxury. Given its legacy, this should be expected. The Lombardy Hotel was built in 1926 by William Randolph Hearst, a newspaper, and is a gift from Brandon Davies. Davis is a famous silent film actor and Hearst's lover. The beautiful stone facade of the Lombardy Grand Hotel symbolizes his reverence for her. Today, Lombardy's classic limestone design is also proud of its steel background. It is still a statement build. Inside, the marble-paved lobby greets visitors with its massive mahogany stairs. The walls of the hall are decorated with antique art and antique mirrors. The Lombardy Hotel is versatile and offers a gym, business center and spa. Those wishing to live or invest in a hotel apartment should contact Wald Real Estate, the exclusive agent of the Lombardy Hotel.

Owned but not occupied rooms can be rented out to tourists and short-term guests. A review of countless travel and hotel websites online shows that guests rated the Lombardy region as 4 to 5 stars. The spacious rooms and the exquisite service of the staff made those visiting people feel overwhelmed. Suites with kitchenettes are especially attractive to hotel guests who can rent these spacious suites for 30% less than the standard Manhattan hotel price [depending on the season].

The return of investors and the subsidy cost of operating hotels in this way have made Lombard Hotels a successful experiment in real estate investment. Other hotels in Manhattan have followed suit. Currently, hotels such as Gansevoort, W, Carlyle and Ritz-Carlton offer home and homeowner options.

Awesome America – a boutique hotel in the United States

The United States is never afraid to do things on a large scale, and hotels are no exception. The United States has some of the most magnificent and elegant boutique hotels in the world.

Indulge in all-American road trips, from state to state, to test the soft beds and stylish restaurants of these top boutique hotels.

Burnham Hotel, Chicago

Since becoming a gangster's paradise, “Gale City” has always been the hub of contemporary culture and decadence. The luxurious Burnham Hotel reflects the perfect atmosphere of Chicago. Located in one of New York City’s most famous landmarks, this boutique hotel is located on the 105-year-old Reliance Building on State Street, offering everything from intimate personal service to rich fabrics and spectacular bay windows. A magnificent view to the city.

Kallistiga Ranch [Napa, California]

The Californian countryside has long been a playground for the rich and famous, bringing peace, tranquility and some truly outstanding vineyards. The Calistoga Ranch is hidden in the West Coast Forest in the heart of Napa Valley. This casual boutique holiday home combines the charm of California with luxurious amenities; hope to enjoy hearty country cuisine in the restaurant with world-class wines. However, the real highlight is the fabulous outdoor natural hot spring baths.

Palm Springs Governor

The Palm Springs Governors Hotel is another notorious attraction in California that brings urban charm to the desert. The Palm Springs holiday is not only for relaxation, but also a member of the Hollywood royal family. Away from the main passage of Palm Springs, the Governor added peace and quiet to the movie star glitz. Welcome to the smiling staff and understated luxury – an oasis of popularity in the hot desert.

New York Soho Building

The metropolis is more iconic than New York – the city's hotel star is undoubtedly Soho House. The exclusivity here is as eccentric as New York itself – I hope that the downstairs member club will ban some strange hospitality in the minibar and mobile phone, so you won't bother many celebrities there.

Maison de Ville, New Orleans

Although the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina made its fascination a bit bleak, the vibrant city of New Orleans stood up again and was again influenced by jazz. This is the most luxurious hotel in the French Quarter, and this famous townhouse hotel was once favored by Elizabeth Taylor. The bistro restaurant is a special attraction; chef Greg Picolo cooks a new creole-style cuisine that is famous for the city.

US hotel: reasonably priced

Accommodation is a top priority for every visitor. If you can find a nice place at your destination at an affordable price, your enjoyment will multiply. If you happen to find a place to live in a foreign country, your entire travel experience is full of good memories. Every destination will take care of the appropriate accommodation facilities for visitors. The United States is a country that provides excellent arrangements to address the major problem of passengers.

From every corner of the country, you can find everything from luxury to simple hotels and resorts. All major cities have accommodations at world-famous hotel chains. Some of them are the best examples of modern architecture excellence. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and many other cities will never make you search for hotels and favorite places that interest you. Chain hotels such as Hyatt Hotels and Hilton are listed in the US hotel list.

Travelers traveling to American cities have found that there are many affordable hotels with many modern amenities. Regardless of the type of location, you can find the type of accommodation that suits that location and suit your preferences and affordability. For example, a beach attraction boasts several magnificent beach resorts and beachfront hotels. The perfect accommodation in the heart of the city makes your trip easier. All hotels are excellent in terms of rooms, location, location, size and architecture.

North American hotels

North American hotels have some of the best facilities to ensure you have a happy holiday. Whether you are on a business trip, a leisure break or a leisure, you will find the right hotel for your needs. A large number of people travel to different countries and cities in North America, so many hotels cater to their needs. In fact, many of the leading luxury hotel chains have established their own hotels in North America and offer customized facilities as needed.

For those who want to relax in these seaside resorts, the Marina Resort in South America is the ideal choice. Numerous resorts across the continent offer you choices. Many resorts have spacious rooms with hardwood floors and whirlpool baths. Because they are located near the waterfront, most resorts have stunning views of the sea and the surrounding area. You can enjoy a variety of seafood dishes and enjoy the taste buds. The choice of Marina Resort includes:

• The Marina de Rey Carlton Hotel

  • The Westin Resort & Spa, Key West

  • Cabo San Lucas Marina Carnival Resort

  • Kennebunkport Nonantum Resort

South America has many luxury accommodations. Book your hotel room in advance to avoid having trouble on the road. All luxury hotels allow guests to book accommodation online from anywhere. Some of the options you have include:

• Sofitel Buenos Aires

  • Sofitel Sao Paulo Ibirapuera

  • JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort & Spa

  • Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort

  • Inkatra Machu Picchu Town Hotel

Travelers have some good options when choosing affordable accommodation. Bed and breakfast is a good choice for budget accommodation. You can go sightseeing all day and retire to a comfortable bedroom at night. You can also have breakfast the next morning.

Learn more about North American hotels and provide online information about hotels in North America. Provides detailed information about hotels in Manhattan, New York, California and Phoenix, and throughout North America, including booking information and details of all room reservation discounts.

What makes a boutique hotel so popular?

Staying at a boutique hotel offers customers the opportunity to spend the night in a place with their own unique personality and best service. While boutique hotels are only the latest in the range of accommodation services, boutique hotels are an important and thriving part of the market and are expected to continue to be successful. They will be part of this market for a long time.

The first such hotel was opened in New York. When it appeared in 1984, it quickly attracted the attention of tourists and businesses. The vision behind it is to revolutionize the guest experience and make accommodation an important part of the journey, not just the place to sleep at night. Since then, although not all companies have succeeded, many other companies have invested in this idea.

Boutique hotels have a lot in common, separating them from other hotel industries. The most successful attempt to operate this type of hotel is to focus on creating an environment that values ​​style and design and gives enough personal appearance to mark it as higher than the competition.

This personality is a key feature of all boutique hotels. Many of them have been built in buildings that used to be completely different, and have incorporated this ancient building into their own character. The goal of each boutique hotel is to be recognizable, rather than repeating the tedious and tried-and-tested rooms that traditional hotels prefer. The style chosen should be consistent across all aspects of the building and hotel experience. Every detail should be considered and matched to the characteristics of each boutique hotel so that guests can be surrounded by a carefully constructed atmosphere, not just to compare the hotel to several stylish hotels.

Boutique hotels tend to be much smaller than hotel chains. They are proud to provide the ultimate in service and quality. As long as there is a request from the guests, there will always be someone to help the guests, and the staff are polite and considerate and have no condescending requirements. Once the hotel is put into use, attention to the details of creating unique designs will continue and meet a variety of needs. Guests should feel that they live in a room, the details of each room have been carefully selected, and all the furniture and decorations are of the highest quality.

Small boutique hotels can survive with well-known large brands and chain stores because they provide travelers with affordable and stylish accommodations that make the hotel as important and exciting as the rest of the trip.

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